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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Questions

  • Where are practices and games held?   
    • All games and practices are held at 700 Sullivan Bend Road
  • When are practices?
    • All coaches are volunteers and they schedule practices around their work schedule.
  • What gear does my child need?
    • A team jersey is provided by the league. Shoes (cleats are preferable), Socks and Shin guards​​​​​ are required. Your player should also have a ball.​​
  • How many practices are there in a normal week?
    • This depends on the coach.  Typically 1 practice for U6/U8 and 2 practices U10 and above.
  • When are games played?
    • All games are played at the location above on Saturdays. Exceptions are sometimes made due to rainout games.
  • Can I request a specific coach or team?
    • Coach and team requests are considered during the creation of teams but are not guaranteed. Specific requests can be made by entering your request in the “Things I want CTS to know” box in online registration.
  • Can I request a team that practices at a specific day and time?
    • Sorry but no. The teams are separated before the coaches pick their practice times.
  • How much does it cost to register?
    • Registration for U10, U12 and Uteen is $95. See the Foundation program information for U6 and U8.
  • What are your registration dates?
    • These vary by season. Fall 2018 registration ends July 25th.
  • My child is small for their age. Can they play down in a lower age group?
    • You may request to play up into an older age group but we do not allow players to play in lower age groups.
  • Are the teams co-ed?
    • We are a co-ed league.
  • How many players are on each team?
    • This varies by age group. The desire is to have 2-3 more players than will be on the field during play.
  • Why does my 11 year old have to play in the age group with 18 year olds?
    • CTS wants to be inclusive of players to the age of 18. The Uteen group is also where players that think they might want to play school ball (mid or high) get their best development opportunity. After having done this for several years we find that the older players mentor the younger players as well as being very protective. We have very few (0 in Fall 2017 & Spring 2018) 18 year olds in the program.
  • Will my player be on the same team as last season?
    • In general the answer is yes if they play both seasons during the year. They do sometimes get split up for various reasons.
  • Can I become a referee at CTS?
    • Yes you may! There is information on obtaining your referee certification on our home page. We welcome referees from age 13 and up. We would love to have more adult referees too! Players can also be referees. Referees are the only CTS paid resources and can make a decent part time job for teens.
  • My child has never played soccer. Do you have special teams for new soccer players?
    • We do not. We have children that have never played soccer in almost every season and age group. Some older children just decide they want to do something different and soccer can be a great stress relief from those long school days.
  • Does CTS Offer Refunds?
    • League Refund Policy
      • 100% of registration fees are refundable prior to coaches receiving the rosters. 
      • Registration Fees will be refunded at 50% between coaches receiving the roster and first game. 
      • No refunds will be made after the first game.
      • We, at Central TN Soccer, do not give refunds for weather conditions that shorten the amount of practices/games.